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Reclamaciones y sugerencias - Reclamaciones - Servicios Portal de Servicios Telemáticos

Complaints and suggestions about the Online Services Portal and its functions

This service lets you send complaints and suggestions about the Online Services Portal and its functions, and guarantees the channels will be available.

What is the Online Services Portal and what does it involve?

  • It is a website available to the public that is owned and managed by Aena as part of its sphere of responsibility.
  • It has systems that enable secure communications to be established whenever necessary.
  • The information, services and transactions published on the Online Services Portal must respect the principles of accessibility and usability set out in relevant regulations, open standards and, where applicable, others principles in general use by the public.
  • It enables user identification and provides means for submitting suggestions and complaints.

How can I present a Complaint or Suggestion online?

If you have experienced any problems with the Online Services Portal and its functions, or if you would like to send us your suggestions for improving the service, please fill in and send the form on the right side of this page.

  • To do this, you must complete the form, including: the date of the problem and reason for reporting it. It is important to describe what happened in chronological order, giving a concise explanation of the problem or suggestion.
  • Indicate if you would like to receive a reply to your complaint or suggestion by ordinary post, e-mail, etc.

For this, choose one of the following channels:

  • ONLINE SERVICE: Accessing the online form and filling it in. The service lets you attach files and returns an electronic receipt signed by Aena to confirm that your complaint or suggestion has been received. Citizens have the option of tracking complaints and suggestions sent with a digital certificate in the "My procedures" section.
  • E-MAIL: Send an e-mail to the following address: attaching the downloadable complaint or suggestion form, duly completed. If you encounter any technical problems, please send the form to:
  • ON PAPER: Once you have filled in the downloadable complaints and suggestions form, print it out and take it to the general register at any Aena centre or to the public service desks at any airport. If you prefer, you can post it to the following address:
    ICT Department
    C/ Peonías 12,
    28042 Madrid.

Reclamaciones y sugerencias - Reclamaciones - Servicios Portal de Servicios Telemáticos - Procedimientos


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