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Reclamaciones y sugerencias - Reclamaciones - Medio ambiente

Complaints and suggestions regarding the airport environment

This service receives and processes environment-related suggestions and complaints by citizens who feel affected by aeronautical activities in the areas surrounding the airports within the Aena network.

The right to environmental information is regulated by Act 27/2006 of 18 July, which governs rights regarding access to information, public participation and access to justice in matters concerning the environment.

Claims, complaints or suggestions relating to the environmental impact of aeronautical activities on the towns surrounding the airports may be submitted through the Aena Online Services Portal , either electronically (with a digital certificate) or by sending the downloadable form, printed out and fully completed, to the following postal address:

Contact information

Responsible unit:
Planning Administration and the Environment
Quality, Excellence and Innovation Division
Postal Address:
C/ Peonías, 12 28042 Madrid

If you wish to send your claim, complaint or suggestion by email you may do so via the Aena Environmental Care Office.

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