Service details

Servicios disponibles - Operadores - Gestión de derechos aeroportuarios - Emisión de tarjetas de seguridad

Security card issuing

Issuing of ID cards/clearance for people/vehicles that work in the airport grounds.


Service scope

Airport staff ID: established for people who work in the airport grounds.

The department responsible for the procedure is the Operations, Security and Services Division. The authorisation is issued by the Airport Security Office at each airport, with the exception of Madrid Barajas and Barcelona, where the authorisation is issued by the SAETA and BAC offices, respectively. Each airport manages its own ID cards and they are only valid at the airport where they are issued.

The interested party or manager from the company who has requested the ID must immediately notify the Airport Security Office if the ID is lost (in the case of Madrid Barajas and Barcelona airports, they must notify the SAETA and BAC offices, respectively).

The cost of issuing the ID must be covered by the company to which the user belongs.

The ID cards allow to access and remain in the authorised areas only. Said areas are colour coded and, where applicable, letter-coded. It is prohibited to access or remain in areas other than those for which authorisation is given.

Users must make correct use of the ID card they are issued with and must accept and comply with the rules of use and all the terms set out on the application form.

Service applicants

The application must be made by a recognised representative of the company/entity that holds the contract with the airport and this person is responsible for the truthfulness of the data provided. To do this they must submit the duly completed and signed application form, providing all the data and documents requested on the form.

When requesting ID cards, the accredited representative of the company/entity expressly promises to accept and comply with, and ensure that the ID card users comply with the rules of use for ID cards and all the terms set out on the form, and will assume full responsibility for any breach of these rules and terms.


Responsible unit:
Airport Management