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Airport rights management (COLLECTIONS)

You may use this procedure to request the applicable regulations, the credit line procedure to fly with Aena and the customer status information with Aena.

Applicable regulation regarding payment of airport rights

Allows all legal aspects that have to be met in the payment of airport rights to be consulted:

Deadlines for payment in the voluntary period, Payment during enforced period, Late payment charge, Payment deferral and instalments, Late interest, Recovery proceedings, etc.

  • Law 1/2011 (see associated documentation)
  • RD Law 13/2010 (see associated documentation)

Line of credit to fly with Aena (airlines and aeronautical customers)

Procedure for obtaining credit:
  1. Centralised credit: For companies that operate in more than three airports and/or wish to pay the monthly operations in a single current account.
    1. Application for this credit addressed to the Financial-Administrative Directorate/Aena Charges and Payments Division, with the following information:
      • Intended start date for operating with credit.
      • Volume of operations: with the number of monthly flights to be made, with details of departure and arrival airports.
      • Aircraft weight and capacity: indicate maximum takeoff weight and number of passengers.
      • ICAO Code.
      • Code "Aena, S.A.".
      • Tax ID number/code, name/company name, registered address for receiving invoices.
      • Contact person: indicating name, telephone number, fax and e-mail address (application form in procedure forms).
    2. Depending on billing volume, calculated with the previous information, Aena will establish the amount of payment default risk and will contact the company to mutually agree the payment date and method, as well as the risk cover that is most appropriate for the situation: prepayment, cash deposit, bank guarantee, etc.
      In the event that the risk is covered with a bank guarantee, this must be adapted to the model approved by Aena (see associated documentation).
  2. Local credit: this form of credit may only be used by those companies that carry out operations at a maximum of three airports.
    1. Application for local credit addressed to the Financial-Administrative Directorate/Aena Charges and Payments Division
    2. The information that must be attached to the application for this type of loan is the same as for the centralised loan, but separately for each airport (application form in procedure forms) .
    3. Based on the billing volume, Aena will calculate the default payment risk, and will contact the company to indicate the amount that is to be deposited in the current accounts of each airport as a depositor prepayment in order to cover this risk, and to establish the payment method for invoices to be issued on a monthly basis.
      When the payment method is established, all transactions will be made directly by each airport's financial-administrative services with which the company has local credit arrangements.

For further information on flying on credit please call: 913 212 726 / 913 212 685

Information on customer status with Aena (*)

  1. Request for account movements.
  2. Request for account status to date.
  3. Request for payments made.
  4. Request for certificate confirming all payments with Aena are up to date.

(*) Application form in procedure forms


Responsible unit:
Airport Management. Economic-Administrative Management. Economic Revenue Management Division
Postal Address:
C/ Peonías, 12 28042 Madrid (SPAIN)

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Airport tax management (charges)


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