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Aena has a Code of Conduct, which is the reference framework for ensuring the responsible management of and appropriate behaviour from the members of the organisation in the performance of their activities. The code contains the corporate values and behaviour guidelines to be followed, formulated through principles and commitments, and constitutes a firm declaration of the company for adequate and transparent management.

In accordance with the commitments contained in its Code of Conduct, Aena has developed a Compliance System aligned with the best practices in this area, in order for the organisation to adequately respect the obligations established and the commitments assumed, all based on a proactive culture of compliance risk management.

The Company provides its stakeholders with a confidential communication channel for the receipt of complaints and other communications of irregular conduct that may involve the commission of any act contrary to the law, to the company's policies and procedures, or to the rules of conduct contemplated in the Aena Code of Conduct by any of its professionals or departments or referring to the company as a whole.

Aena has appointed a Compliance Monitoring and Control Body to process and resolve the various complaints received.

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